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Hello and welcome to Qpod Club sponsored by Cunninghams Auto.

My name is Alec, I've been working with Cunninghams Auto on Qpod promotions for almost 3 years and created this Qpod Club.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as community members and will help us to attract even more people to join the club. We are planning community events in the future, so don't forget to check the main page for updates.

Please introduce yourself below and start making Qpod buddies!

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dave glover said:
Hi I'm Dave. We have had the QPod Sport for about 18months. Its a tight fit with wife and the dog in, but its great and we have such a laugh, especially seeing the reactions of other people!
We have towed it on our motorhome about 3000 miles this year and we have only seen one other Qpod on the road.
Would eventually like to update our Sport for possibly a T500 (has anyone driven this model?)
It would be good to meet up with other Qpod owners at some point.
Hi everyone out there in qpod land. It seems you Qpoders call yourself Podders so I suppose I,m a techie. My name is Alan and my other half is Coral and we are proud owners of a yellow Funtech 350 which is much the same as a QPOD but with no brakes and skinny wheels! Its a top of the range model, coming with tow bar roof, a cover and doors, plus the luxury ceramic heater attached firmly to the tiller with 15mm copper pipe brackets and tie wraps to stop it rattling. I,m an ex RAF aircraft technician but now work for Westland helicopters and I too - am old. Well - I certainly feel it sometimes!!! We tow Bugsy (sorry very obvious nickname - but it works) behind my home built six wheeler Mondeo based motorcaravan all year round and in all weathers. It comes into its own when we park up on site and use it to get to the beach or shops etc, and its great fun (but not on main roads. Far too dangerous with lorries flying around on auto pilot sucking Yorkie's. They could run over you and not notice!!! We set the GPS to "shortest route" and get into the lanes. We do a lot of steam rallies / country fairs that sort of thing and despite my caravan taking 12 months to build £6500 and is the only one like it in the world, the first question is always "what the Gordon Bennet is that thing parked next to it?" Kids love it and if I'd had a quid for every picture taken I'd have at least a tenner!!! It gets a little worrying when you are trundling down the road and a car comes up alongside and the passengers hanging out the windows with their camera phones clicking away!! Bugsy has been pretty reliable, with some basic stuff like the odd wheel bearing failing, but I do keep up the maintenance with regular oil changes and keep them drive shafts greased folks. I hate to think how expensive they would be as spares are heart stoppingly expensive dontchathink? The electrics are made from metal foil and cheap plastic so i've had a few problems with poor connections, but she usually starts and runs well. The little rubber boots around the suspension joints are cracking and splitting so I need to source a set of them too. They are available 'cos I,ve seen them at classic car shows. We are based in Suffolk not too far from the Norfolk border and Cunninghams garage and - contrary to popular belief - you do not need to walk in front of a motor vehicle with a red flag anymore! I,ve gone on a bit folks - sorry its the nerves. Hope to meet you all some time. happy podding. Alan and Coral)
My name is Chris I retreat to the Lake District every weekend. I use my pod come rain or shine. I do not have any roof or doors but do not seem to get too wet when it rains.When it rains in the Lakes it rains! My pod is a bit lonely though as it seems that it is th only one in the area. It does get many admiring gestures though. I think that they are admiring ! I have noticed from the pictures of other members that many seem to have more than one Qpod. Is'nt that a bit greedy? No I am just jealous.
Hi from Alex.

I got a Fun 350 a few weeks ago to keep me Dry(er) and possibly warmer during the winter Months. My Other Car is a Moto Guzzi Breva V1100.

The Qpod is greart fun and the first vehacle in 10 years that I actually know how fast it goes.

Work Mates think it's great but i can't get out of the work Carpark - it refuses to trigger the barriers :(
Hi everyone i'm chelsea and live 9miles from Norwich, Norfolk. Im involoved in a Family run business at Cunninghams Auto if anyone has any questions or just wants a general chit chat let me know. Im so glad there is finally a QPOD club! Thanks Alec for all your hard work it looks great!!! :-)
Hi Andrew, you said you were looking for a new pod well im glad to say we have a few to sell here at Cunninghams Autos so if you go on you will be able to see what we have. There are some second hand also. Let me know how you get on :-)
Best Wishes
Chelsea Cunningham
Jaquelyn said:
andrew paul side said:
hi all my name is Andrew i onced owned a qpod sport but someone verry nicly stole it and torched it so i am saving up to get a new one so if anyone is selling one let me know and if the price is right and i have the cash i may take it off your hands

Oh Heck, that's heartbreaking! Wasn't it insured?
ste said:
hi i need a little help if nobody minds.
im seriously thinking of getting a Qpod and i have been looking on the internet alot, could anyone tell me what license you need for a 50cc Qpod, thanks in advance.

The 50cc qpods can be used on almost any license.
the is the best place to clarify any queries of this nature.
Hi Everyone I'm Martyn and have just collected the 2005 Qpod Sport I won on Ebay despite fending off a frenzy of last minute bidding. I am married to Ann and we have a Hymer Camp Motorhome and until today we have been carrying a 50cc scooter around with us but having researched the Qpod it seems to be a better alternative.
Ours in now named "Budgy" and even whilst I was unloading it from the trailer I was getting enquiries from passers by as to "What is it"??
I still have to buy a towing bar for it but will need to shop around as there appears to be a large price difference from various suppliers.
Also having read the paperwork I received I see that during the last MOT carried out a fortnight ago mention was made that "both track rod end rubber boots have perished" I have not had a look myself yet but are they difficult to replace and where can I them from?
Hope to see you around
Hi Martyn.

Another new member - excellent.

ALL of the rubber boots have perished on my Funtech and were mentioned in my last MOT too. As long as the actual bearing hasn't failed it won't fail an MOT it seems. Of course the dirt and wet can get in and will cause early failures. I know that you can get replacement boots from classic car spares outlets because I have seen them, but as they come in so many different sizes, and I hadn,t measured the ones I need I didn't get any, and I haven't been to a show since. I had to replaced a track rod end a year or two ago, and I think they worked out at around £16:00 each plus postage from the then importers - Unique Motor company who I believe have since closed down. I,m sure cunninghams could help you with obtaining spares. Changing them is relatively easy. Undo the lock nut, split the joint and unscrew it from the steering rack. Count the numbers of turns, and you should keep the tracking spot on. Can't remember if they are handed though. You'll have to ask when you order it. Good luck.

regards Alan
hello, my name is jarrod. i live over in the states, in illinois. just bc i'm from illinois do not mean that i am from chicago, although ironically enough my girlfriend is, lol. i've been looking around at buying a little toy to take off road and i really like the qpod. unfortunately i don't think that its street legal over here. the states have some very strict road laws but they still hand out licenses like they're candy at halloween. any ways blah blah blah. does anyone know if i could by a qpod in the US.
HI, My name is Ian Hancock & I live at Avoca Beach,about 60 km North of Sydney.I have a Funtech50, and an American Tri-Ped 3 wheeler (1979 model ) .I also have an interest in vintage Morris vehicles.The Secma is road registered, & when the Tri-Ped is finished I will put it on historic registration.

I've just joined the club after seeing my 1st Qpod last weekend on a campsite in Dorset. Just finished restoring my lovely VW camper van and was thinking of getting a motorbike to hitch on the back until I saw thw Qpod. Now I'm looking for a 2nd hand one but I'm curious about reliability and maintenance (self help that is).

cheers Mike

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