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Hello and welcome to Qpod Club sponsored by Cunninghams Auto.

My name is Alec, I've been working with Cunninghams Auto on Qpod promotions for almost 3 years and created this Qpod Club.

I hope you enjoy your stay here as community members and will help us to attract even more people to join the club. We are planning community events in the future, so don't forget to check the main page for updates.

Please introduce yourself below and start making Qpod buddies!

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Hello all!  I am a new owner of a Funtech 50cc in Florida, USA.  I am gathering that there are not many 50cc Qpods in the USA, so I am happy to find this group for technical info etc!  My Qpod is in good condition but needs some electrical attention. Unfortunately it does not have the soft top or doors, so I will be looking for a decent set of rails, a top and doors at some point.  Cheers and thanks! Capt.Don

Hello fellow Poddies, can anyone help please? I need  a13" 4x115(pcd) ET235.5 rim for my 340 pod. Many thanks in advance

Malcolm Hayes.

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