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I find the pod seat mostly unconfortable with its' lack of padding, about fifteen miles is about my limit of tolerance. I am thinking of having new seat pads made with more substance in them - does any body else have the similar tolerance issues??

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Yup even though I have a well padded posterior!
I bought one of those squishy cushions and that's made a lot of difference. Only problem is if it's raining it makes me a bit high to see out of the bit of windscreen the wiper covers.
I bought mine from here:
I think she has other shapes on Ebay.
Best Regards
steve york said:
we use cushions,havn't lost one overboard ..... yet!

If you cut a square of Rug - Stoppa the stuff thsat stops carpets wandering on hard floors and put it under your cushion It'll stay put.
Works great on dining chair cushion pads too.
15 miles? That far! I,ve tried pads, but then me head sticks out the roof and my glasses get covered in flies! I took the easy way out. I bought shares in a chiropractors! I do have a small foam pad that I use against the bulkhead to stop my leg banging against the wheel arch.

I do find it more comfortable when driving two up. We have just the right body shape where we don't have to take turns to breathe but are sufficently "covered" to stop each other sliding about! Alan
I had the same problem. My wife removed old foam and brought some new 3" foam, used the empty cover to draw around for the shape of the new cushion. A bit of a tight squeeze to zip up cover but once done it was worth it, much more comfortable.

My friend put boat captain seats in his, others have made thicker cushions, some were interested in putting in go-cart seats. Everyone has issues with what we affectionally name as "pod bum".  Check out the Qpod Owners Club on Facebook there are all sorts of things on there for pods. Good luck Mags 

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