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I broke down about 200 yards from my home not so long ago but fortunately the car was light enough for me to push it up the slight incline home (terribly embarasing as I got even more attention than usual). It turned out to be muck in the carb ( this has happened a couple of times now, but have now solved it for good by fitting an in line fuel filter).
When I tow my Funtech, i have taken to using the cab as a bit of a trailer. I put our deck chairs and wellies etc in there. Whilst proceeding in a southerly direction at approxiamately 55 mph I heard a very load screech for a second or so, and then everything was normal. a quick walk round the 'van and Bug saw no obvious problem so we continued. It wasn't until we got home that I realised that one of the chairs had slid off the seats and landed on the gear selector. Poor little bugsy had been slammed into gear accelerating the drive system from 0 to 55mph in a split second right up to the point where the drive belt expired. I was very lucky, no lasting damage done, and a new belt went straight on. Moral to the tale? Theres two really. Either tow slowly, or empty the cab prior to leaving!! Alan
i remember whwn i got my beloved qpod my she RIP me and my uncal picked her up from macelsfeald on a back of a recovery wagon as did not have the tow bar at the time we took it to halaifax where my uncal lives and she stayed ther for 3 months till i got a tow bar when she was down there we took her to the flapets a disused quarry where everyone takes there moter bikes and quads wheen thay saw us turn up with my beloved pod on the back of the wagon thay was like bees around honny . when we tryed getting in to the flapets it was verry tite i was a pasabger and we only had the pod for 4 hours first time out and my incal hit a big bolard denting my front steel bumber it that was not there would of been writern off as tub would of been smached to bit s but any way was not to happy with uncal so as we was out and people was watching i envited a guy to sit passanger i took him for a ride of his life as when he got out he was as white as a ghost this may of been i was going flat out hit a bump and my pod took off even i felt a little hevyer in my pants but lucky anoth my pod was all right whne i finnaly got the pod its tow bar i took her home from halifax to newcastle towed behing my red postman pat kangoo washed her just before i drove r back as was full of mud form day before had to revrse pod in to car wash bay hucked her back up and drop back whne i got back to newcastle my wife was waiting i told her to junp in i would take her for a spin its only right as she payed for it started it up when to put in to gear but nothing there would not move took to a garage who was willing to have look for me to find the cv belt had disintergrated and he had to rub the drums down as the drums was very ruff so when i picked her back up after being fixed i drove her home with the wife of corse in the rain everyone was just stering at us in the little bug this is the only time i got her on the road as he was stolen from me and torched still have the potos of the remains but find it hard some times to look as i was and am still hart brocken but loking forward to geting my next when i save up the mony and puswad the wife may she RIP
The fun i had yesterday - what a day! I went out for a good 50 mile plus run on my Qpod to blow the cobwebs off. I hadn't used it for nearly two weeks and when i woke up and saw the sun shinning i knew i had to get my baby out. I was out for nearly 8 hours around Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan (see my latest photos). The smiles and beeps i had from people as i drove past with the wind in my hair (what hair?).

On returning home i washed and polished Gizmo and put him back in his heated shed with his super-king sized duvet and car cover.

God bless all Qpods
Had a bit of a bad trip home from work tonight.
My pod fired up as always, but died 50 yards down the car park. Bit like i'd knocked the ignition key so I knew it was electrical.
A quick call to Cunninghams and they suggested it was either the Coil or the Pickup and to check the sparks.
No spark and nothing out of the Plug Lead. Totally confirmed what I alredy knew.

Got a lift home and i'll go collect it tomorrow on a trailer.
I just hope it's the Pickups. My trips to work have been very wet n slushy the past week or so.

OK - it's cold n wet out there but a pod in the snow is just so much fun. I been driving like a total Hooligan all week, watching the nice shiny cars scatter. I know they'll get their own back soon but on a Bike my work trip would have been on the Bus @ £ 20 or so per week.
Does anyone know if there is an owners manual available for the Funtech 50, or the Morini engine?
Hi Ian, If you do find one, let me know, as I have always worked from experience on mine, but a manual would be great.

Thanks, Mike.

Ian Hancock said:
Does anyone know if there is an owners manual available for the Funtech 50, or the Morini engine?
well i saw my pod outside a garage and the engine was running it sounded like a million bees in a cadburys hot chocolate tin and when i saw his face well rodger the podger was named and he has a big one and its bent i have only droved it around a industrial site so i am antisipateing a fun day ps i think there is something magical about these seed pod thingys
Had an interesting discussion with those with the Blue Lights on my way home. Something about not keeping 4 wheels on the road whilst going around corners.

I just happened to have all my docs on me ( including the tax that was still in my pocket ) and after much Head scratching they decided it was far to much of a mine field to attempt to do anything and sent me on my way.
I have just bought a Qpod Sport 340 on The Bay from a guy in Keighley. I fell in love with pods after a safari in Crete in August and just had to get one. I took it straight for an MOT and was pleasantly surprised that it really didn't need too much doing. That work is now underway at my home but WOW - I was amazed at the response from everyone on the way from the test station to my home. I must have told a million people what it is today and I simply cannot wait to get him on the road
Another fun ride to work in the Pouring rain.
The Canvas roof leaks - so i had quite a few water drips as well as the spray coming in the side.

Then the Wiper arm Broke - right at the bottom by the pivot.
The Casting by the nut broke so it's not going to be easy to fix :(
New one (Hopefully) on order from cunninghams.

Driving in the rain was thankfully not to bad cos chelmsford was gridlocked. took me an Hour to do 4 miles.
i'm not sure what i have done to my Pod, but it's rebelling.

Yesterday the Wiper broke off in the Pouring Rain.

Tonight i stopped off at the shops and it refused to start.
Much scratching of head and deduced No Spark - not another coil i hope.
No - the Relay "that never goes wrong" wasn't working.
Removed the wire that goes to teh Coil and away we went you think ?


The Throttle cable then broke as i pulled out of the car park.

All working now - but i hope my pod perks up soon !


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