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greetings fellow poddists does anyone know of a auto electrician i think my alternator is playing up i live close to worcester so please any addresses thank you

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Hi Adrian.

"Playing up" makes it hard to help much.
Tell me what is happening and i can probably give you a clue....

A quick alternator test:

Put a VOLT Meter across the + and - of your Battery. It should read around 12 Volts.

Start your Pod,
Whilst it is cranking the Meter should drop to around 10 volts, but not below about 8.
Below 8 indicates your battery is past it's prime.

With the engine idling the voltage should be around 13 Volts, increacing to about 15 at maximum revs.
Turn on the Head Lights, the voltage should drop not drop below about 12 V at idle.

If all this is true the charging system is fine.

thank you ever so mutch alex the auto electrician did all you said but the battery was naff i have a new battery and all is well thanks again.

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