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Hi All,

I am looking to buy a Qpod Sport. Must be a late model vehicle, low mileage, grey tub and be in very good condition.

Travel not a problem, contact me on 07747 000 007



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There is one on ebay at the moment item number 320957927926 you might want to check out. Mags

Hi Eddy - just decided today to sell my Pod as I'm not using it very much now and it seems a waste of such a fun car. Its an October 2006 (56 Plate) Qpod Sport with a blue tub and silver panels, half doors, fabric detachable roof, bull bars, boot rack, tow bar and has done 6,499 miles (today but will be a little more by tomorrow as I use it, on the road, about twice a week totalling around 30 miles). MOT until June 7th 2013 and taxed until November - I usually SORN it for the winter and Pod is garaged all year. My local garage have always looked after it, I have service bills, there was new battery fitted this year and the underside was cleaned and the chassis undersealed. The rear brake cylinders were also replaced and new wiper blade fitted. The rear wings crack through vibration as you will probably know from other comments on the Forum but I have had these repaired with special brackets/fixing plates made. bought from a garage in the north of UK around two years ago - they knew the owner well and he sold due to disability. I was informed that the majority of the milage was by towing behind a camper van. The Pod is in good condition, not been misused but I wouldn't say pristine showroom condition. I am wanting £1,500 for it and I live in Devon. If you are interested, or anyone else who reads this is, I suggest you contact me by email at - Neale

Further to our sms earlier, thanks again Neale for your offer.

Good luck with your sale !

I am looking preferably for an up to 3 yr old Sport in very good condition.

At one point Pods were on offer at £3995 new. However, that offer seems to be in the past.

At that price I would consider a new one.....

I shall just keep looking :-)



Hi Eddy.

I have a 2011 reg (11 plate) Qpod sport that I was thinking of selling.  It has done just over 200 Kms. (about 120 miles) and is obviously not even run in yet.

It does not need an MOT yet and will not until April 2014 and is taxed until may 2013.

It comes with the roof, half doors, full waterproof breathable cover and the towing bar attachment.

There is a little surface rust on the wheels and frame caused by being kept in an unheated barn at one time, but this is less than a days work to sort out with some wire wool and paint.

I would take £2,800 for it as it is as new as you can get. I am pretty sure that this is the lastest registered, lowest milage Qpod in the UK.

If you are interested or would like any more info, please get back to me.







Hi, Wayne,  I am also looking for a late model Qpod Please let me know if becomes available,  Thanks,  Bryan.

Hi Bryan.

I have been thinking of selling it for a month or so, so it is available. Get back to me through this site if you would like any more details or email me on





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