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During a trip out today, enjoying the sunshine, Annie and I approached a T-junction, I braked and nothing happened so the handbrake came in very handy I can tell you.   Although frightened to death we came out of the incident in one piece. 

The problem proved to be the two studs holding the brake master cylinder which had sheared.  I have written to Cunningham’s (Sole Importer and Distributor representing SECMA in the UK) informing them of the incident and asked them to investigate and take action to make sure this problem doesn’t effect other QPod Sport owners (I’ll keep you posted).

In the meantime, please check your master cylinder mountings.



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Thanks for this warning Pete.  Let's hope that Cunningham's pull out all the stops to get this problem rectified before anyone gets hurt or worse!!



We are sorry to here about your close encounter!  To our knowledge this has never happened before, the pictures looks like the bolts are badly corroded but without inspection of the vehicle we cannot comment. 

We are concerned regarding the fact your vehicle was MOT'd last week. The master cylinder and mountings are testable items and we advise you to take it up with the QC at the MOT Testing Station as they have obviously missed it.

Thank you for your feedback.

Have you got the brown stains out of the seats yet !!! Must have been pretty hairy I ve seen the photo and it could just be metal fatigue When you think of all the thousands of bolts that are made and used under all types of stressfull situations it could have had a hairline fault from new and over the time with extreme hot and cold it's finally given way No different than that helicopter that fell out of the sky when the rotors broke due to fatigue caused by lighting and can you imagin the testing they go through Quick thinking on your part saved the day And I think a lesson we can all learn from this is concentrate more when we drive because when the sh.t does hit the fan (and it will) we will be prepared Because we drive pods doesn't mean we have to live our lives in a bubble. Happy podding

You might also want to chech the master cylinder seals while your at it.

The MS is in a very precarious position and gets mud and water all over it.

I have a contact for them should you need one at ahalf price too !

I'd like the contact details please Mike!

Mike Thomas said:

You might also want to chech the master cylinder seals while your at it.

The MS is in a very precarious position and gets mud and water all over it.

I have a contact for them should you need one at ahalf price too !

This picture of Peter's shows the Sheared Bolt of the Master Cylinder Mounting. If your Master Cylinder Area looks like this it would be advisable to check yours.  
(It is situated underneath the vehicle, in the middle below the handbrake.)

We understand the factory are now investigating this.

Just an update;

Secma have indeed been in touch and I have sent more photo's.  My Pod has been back to the MOT center and they have said it is a safety issue that needs to be dealt with by the manufacturer.

I refer to Peter's post of 11/03/2012 re Qpod Sport brake cylinder mounting failure. The same thing has just happened to mine whilst on holiday in France with wife and camper - wife not at all happy as last year a wheel bearing failed in Switzerland!!!
Can anyone explain how to fix it? It looks to me as if two bolts are welded to the chassis and the master cylinder is held onto these with nuts. Am I correct?
Any help would be very gratefully received as I really don't want another holiday spoiled!!
Hi Bobby,

Secma denied there was a problem and blamed the lack of maintenance on my part, although I objected because I have a QT and Pod that are both regularly service by a reputable garage. However, Kev Cunningham was good enough to repair my Pod free of charge. The only downside was that I had to get my Pod from Hampshire to Norfolk.

Have a word with Kev, mentioning my situation.

Good luck,

Hi Peter,
Many thanks indeed for getting back to me so quickly. I have dealt with Kev in the past(particularly last year in Switzerland when he sent out wheel bearings) and he has always been very helpful. I'll contact him.


Good Morning, 

This issue has been investigated by the factory, they have told us that the brake pedal pivot rod pin seizes causing brake master cylinder bracket to break. It is a maintenance issue as the rod (clevis) pin needs to be lubricated in order to prevent it from seizing.  

Many Thanks 


Many thanks for your reply, Kevin.
I have checked my brake pedal rod pin and it is well lubricated and moving freely.


Bob Nicol

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