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Qpod Club rules

This club is meant to be a place where Qpod car owners and just about anyone else can network and share knowledge and information about Qpod cars.

These rules were created to protect the nature of the Qpod Club and the members participating here. If a member reports a violation of these rules to one of the administrators, and the complaint is well-founded, we reserve the right to ban you from this network.

We hope you understand that these rules have been put in place to make sure that the purpose of our club is not being compromised. We want to make the Qpod Club as open, friendly and transparent as possible and hope you would help us keep it that way.

#1 - No vendor solicitations. This forum is not meant to be a pool of prospects for vendors. If you would like to sell anything that relates only to Qpod or would like to advertise on the Qpod Club network, please send an email to first. Failure to respect this rule will result in a member ban and removal of content in question.

#2 - No external publishing without consent. The content on this site it controlled by the administrators; publishing this information without the consent of the administrators is forbidden. If you want to publish any personal information (pictures, videos, etc.) that belongs to one of the members of the Qpod Club, please ask the memer for perimssion.

#3 - Honest with information in your profile. False or misleading information in your profile will result in a warning requesting that your information be corrected, failure to comply within a reasonable time frame will result in account closure.

#4 - Qpod Club reserves the right to contact you via email. From time to time the Qpod Club administration team might wish to contact you with regards to important discussions or notices about the site. We will never share your email address with any other sources or third parties.

#5 - Postings and comments. We reserve the right to remove any postings or comments that are off topic for this forum or are deemed to be offensive to an individual, Qpod Club or group. First time violations will result in a warning requesting that this behaviour be corrected, failure to comply will result in account closure.

#6 - Opinions are protected. You have the right to express your opinions, either positive or negative, about any topic so long as the above rules are followed. The Administrators will have final say in all decisions.

For all information that relates to the Qpod Club, please send an email to

Qpod Club - be a part of the fun!


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